In Memory Of

Lenny Jones

Lenny Jones passed away on May 23, 2015 at 74 years old. In lieu of flowers the family asked for memorial donations to the Souderton Braves.

Lenny was a football and track star in high school in the late 1950’s. His love of sports, specifically football, led him to become one of the founding fathers of the Pennridge Greenjackets shortly after he returned from Korea where he served with the US Army Security Agency during the Vietnam War. He coached with the Greenjackets for several years and two of his sons, Mike and Greg, both played youth football for a year or two with the Greenjackets.

The family moved from Perkasie to Telford in 1970 and shortly afterward, he joined Charlie Romanoski and the group who founded the Souderton Braves. Mike played for the Braves until he went to middle school and Greg played for one or two years. During that time, Lenny coached and was on the board of SAYFA. He loved that organization!

The love for SAYFA stayed in the family. Mike’s son, Zac, played for the Braves from about 1994-2000. During those years, both Mike and his wife, Lisa, were very active in the organization (Lisa as fundraising coordinator and secretary, and Mike as an assistant coach.)

On behalf of the Souderton Braves, THANK YOU to Lenny and to his family for their generosity and memorial donations. Please accept our condolences on the loss of your loved family member.

Charles Romanoski

Founder & Creator of The Souderton Braves

Charlie Romanoski, a former Souderton Post Office postmaster, upholsterer and World War II veteran who was best known for his contributions to sports in the Souderton area, died at the age of 95. Romanoski was known for organizing football and baseball teams for more than 50 years in the Souderton area and was inducted into the Pennsylvania American Legion Sports Hall of Fame as well as receiving many other awards.

Boyd Woodhams

He was a Coach, Leaugue Representative and a North Atlantic Regional Director for Pop Warner Midget Football. Boyd was the former president of Bux-mont Youth Football League and the coach of the Souderton Braves & Lansdale Cannoneers Football. He was involved with the Pennridge High School Booster Club, Marine Corp League and Pennsylvania Army National Guard Family Readiness Group. Boyd was a member of the American Legion Post #234 in Souderton.

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